Our digital kitting solution is a powerful tool built with you in mind. We saw that asset managers needed a better way to build custom enrollment kits when selling retirement savings plans, so we built a solution to meet that need. Allow us to automate your documents with customization down to the individual consumer level and the ability to personalize any page with relevant text or images. With the time and money that our kitting solution can save you, you’ll wonder how you did business any other way.

The Client

A large American investment management firm with hundreds of funds held by hundreds of thousands of investors across the United States.

The Problem

Most investment management firms print a standard kit for their entire sales team to use when selling funds; it’s very large and generally only select portions of the document are relevant to each potential customer. Our client wanted their kits to stand out and to allow their sales force to customize them for each potential investor. Their solution was to print roughly 75,000,000 pages per quarter and manually assemble each kit with the relevant sections of the document. This process led to extremely high costs: the labour required to assemble each kit, destroying sections which went unused and became obsolete, doing short printing runs if extra copies of a particular section were needed, and mailing bulky documents across the country.

The Solution

We developed a solution which digitized the document assembly at multiple levels. All the firm’s managers now do is place an order, specifying which sections they want included in the kit. Our solution assembles the different components and optimizes each section. For example, only the funds being offered to that customer will appear on the enrollment form; the footnotes for each section are condensed into one comprehensive section at the end of the document instead of being repeated throughout; even the formatting is automated so that backs of pages aren’t left blank causing the document to be unnecessarily inflated. When coupled with digital print, the firm was able to generate completely customized kits at whatever quantity required, all with remarkable turnaround.

The Results

Using our made-to-order, on-demand kitting solution the firm has cut printing by 66%, down to roughly 25,000,000 pages per quarter. This has drastically reduced labour, printing, obsolescence, and mailing costs.

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Custom-built Solutions: We pride ourselves on our flexibility. We work with each of our clients individually – you won’t find any template solutions here. We want you to continue using the data structures and workflows you’re comfortable with and we’ll build the solution around your needs; we are working for you, after all.

Availability of Developers: Since our company was founded, we’ve had the philosophy that our clients deserve direct access to the people working on their projects. If you have a question or concern you can call us and speak directly to our developers. There are no helpdesks or account reps to go through; our project managers are our developers, and you have the freedom to speak with them.

Turnaround time: Because our system is built around automation and efficiency, the time from upload to generation of your documents is extraordinarily fast – real time even.

Advanced Functionality: Our solutions are some of the most advanced in the industry. We know you want the most efficient business possible, and we’re confident we can provide you with the tools to get there.

  • Consistency Checking: Our system notifies us if there are any inconsistencies in your data that need correction. With our solution you can have the peace of mind that your data will never be uploaded with missing segments or problematic changes.
  • Translation Optimization: Upon upload, our system scans a database of your past documents for any text which is reused and notifies you of only the new segments of text which need translation. This prevents you from performing redundant translation work and saves you time and money.
  • Blacklining: Our blacklining solution makes editing simple. We realized that the only effective way for you to review changes in a document was to see it in the same format as the finished product, so our blacklining solution is designed to allow you to do just that. Furthermore, you need to be able to see past revisions of a document when you’re making changes; we store that information and allow you to see the full history of revisions.